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Please note: the CinemaStore is not directly affiliated with the Academic Film Archive of North America.  Proceeds from the CinemaStore assist in maintaining and repairing projection equipment used by the AFA.  These films are sold for personal use only, with no rights of any kind granted. Scroll down this page for a list of available films.


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Before ordering films, please read the Conditions and Disclaimers

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      Want to know more about the history of the classroom educational film movement? Read Geoff Alexander's two books on academic films. 

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Conditions and Disclaimers

These are 16mm films, not videos!  16 millimeter films are rapidly passing from the media scene, are already extremely rare, but affordable enough that, unlike other art forms, they are still financially accessible to beginning collectors. 16mm educational and documentary titles are no longer available in film format, and were originally sold for prices ranging from approximately $400 - $900; most titles are no longer in distribution, even in video format. We generally have only one copy of each title, and a brief description accompanies each film. Some of the films have been shown at ciné16 events, and have extensive filmnotes, so we encourage you to visit our Chronology of Shows, and search on the title. Proceeds from film sales are used to repair our projectors.  Due to the large numbers of inexpensive films on the list, minimum film order is $15.

Now the disclaimers: these films are for sale to private collectors only, no commercial use intended. Films on this list were in a private collection that pre-dates the AFA. No more films will be added to this list and the list will be taken down after all the films have been sold. Some films have the "NFBC" designation. These were made ny the National Film Board of Canada. They are on reels only, ready to show. We cannot ship them in cans.

To order films from the list below, contact geoff@afana.org and indicate the films you want. We'll email back to you with availability and price (California residents must add 9.25% tax).  Then, return an email to us indicating which films you'll be purchasing, and that a money order is in the mail. Films are sold on a first-come basis; we urge you to send your money order as quickly as possible after you’ve confirmed you will buy. If a particular film has been sold, we will refund your money ASAP.  Films are in good (several splices) to excellent shape, unless noted.

Special note to non-U.S. customers:  due to the extraordinary work necessary to prepare customs documents, we only ship to United States addresses. We recommend that you ask us to ship to a friend of yours in the States, who could then ship the films to you. 

Keycodes: n/t = no main title; c = color; b = black & white; turning = color has started shifting to magenta, red = color has shifted to red; core = film will be shipped on a core, rather than a reel;  NFBC = produced by National Film Board of Canada (we do not have cans for NFBC films, sorry).  For a synopsis of NFBC films, visit the NFBC film search webpage.

Timecodes: 2400 = one hour, 1200 = half-hour, 800 = twenty minutes, 400 = ten minutes. All times are approximate.

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The 1994 ETAC Guide to educational film is the best and most comprehensive we’ve seen, with over film 12,000 film and video titles made from approximately 1950 to 1994, with  a one or two sentence description of each. Titles are also categorized into numerous subject areas and sub-classifications. Out-of-print (and never to be reprinted) masterpiece: 627 pages,  paperback, $25.
Craft Films: an Index of International Films on Crafts. Printed in 1979, contains descriptions, dates, running times, and  directors of over 900 art and craft films. Invaluable resource. 156 pages, hardbound, $30
Reel Revolution, by Neil Hurley. (175-page paperback on Chaplin, Eisenstein, etc. treatment of liberation themes) $5

Feature Films

Happy New Year (witty and twisted classic by Claude Lelouch, in English) 3600 c $150
Tiger Fangs (extremely rare print of 1943 film starring famed animal expert Frank Buck and Duncan “Zorro” Renaldo. In Malaysia, they encounter tigers, Japanese and German war intrigue) 2400 b&w, vinegar $100

50s 60s 70s Lifestyle, Health, Camp, Kitsch

Christmas Customs Near and Far (our vote as the worst, most amateurish Christmas film ever made, with Fran Allison, kids, and tacky sets) 800 turning $25
Democracy & the Role of Dissent (the worst human rights film ever made; terrible actors, including old people shaking and barely able to walk) 800 turning $25
Phoenix V: Zone of Danger (psychotronic sci-fi episode ¡en español!) 1200 red $15
Priory: the Only Home I’ve Got (depressing NFBC doc on home for the aged; award winner) 1200 c $15

Social Documentaries
Day in the Life of Bonnie Consolo, A (This film about a remarkable woman was nominated for an Oscar in 1975. Consolo was born without arms, yet she does it all --- you name it, cooking dinner, cutting tomatoes, putting on a necklace, even killing flies, all with her feet. A memorable film). 800 turning $15
Louise Drouin, Veterinarian (NFBC; country vet, operations etc) 1200 c $20
Offshore Oil: Are We Ready? (NFBC; Shetland Islands in Scotland and small Norwegian fishing towns fight against Big Oil interests) 1600 c $15
Speaking of Nairobi NFBC; United Nation's women's conference held in Nairobi, Kenya, in July, 1985. Of the 17 000 participants, 14 000 were non-governmental delegates from around the world; semi-official encounters, revealing the dynamism, the strength and the ethics of care of the women's movement worldwide.) 2400 c $20

Heritage: Civilization & the Jews series (all beautiful color, hosted by Abba Eban; each has historical and contemporary footage) each 2400 c $60
-  A People is Born: 3500 BCE to 6th Century BCE
-  Crucible of Europe: 9th to 15th Centuries

East Comes West (NFBC; iron curtain coaches defect to Canada & teach) 1200 c $10
Monica Goermann, Gymnast (NFBC; mom & dad relentlessly drive this pre-teen... to insanity or a gold medal?) 800 c $20
Tennis series (classic instruction films showing slow-motion instruction by Billie Jean King). Each is $30 b 800, or $55 for both
· Groundstrokes (forehand, backhand, spin)
· The Serve

Tornado Below (girl flies solo into tornado; drama) 800 c $10

Special note: many of these films depict cultures and traditions that have already passed from the scene.  In them, you'll find documentation of old ways of life, from the subject perspective (housing, arts & crafts) and ours as well (old autos, circular-screen TVs, etc).  Some of these films are red, but priced attractively to allow you to experiment. In most cases, red prints are the only remaining examples in existence of a given title.

Faces of Man series (looks at people, culture, geography of each nation)
· France a Nation of Beauty (Presents a portrait of France through visits to five different families living in different areas of France. Bretagne  
  fishermen, Marseille, French Alps cheeses, Loire wines, Paris painters "the school smells of cigarette smoke and turpentine." Mont St-Michel to
  Paris... lots of neat footage) 1200 c $25
Familes of the World (Journal Films) series
· Spain (family of Madrid) 800 c $15
· Thailand fishing culture of Klong-Lung village; best of series) 800 turning $15
Family of the Island: Her Name is Wasamatha (describes life on the island of Malolo, Fiji) 800 turning $15
More Than Just the Trees (NFBC; family of woodcutters from New Brunswick fights large logging interests to preserve woodlands) 1200 c $15
Wayne Mitchell, Producer/Director:
· Eskimos: A Changing Culture well done juxtaposition of cultures) 800 c $30
What Have You Done With My Country? (Aborigines vs. “progress”) 1200 c $30
William Deneen, Producer/Director: (Deneen founded Learning Corporation of America. Most of the following films were done for Encyclopaedia Britannica prior to the founding of LCA)
· Arts & Crafts of Mexico (part II)  800 red $5
• Eskimo Family (seasons, migration, hunting; filmed at Frobisher Bay -Iqaluit on Baffin Island. 800 turning $15
Paul Saltzman’s World Cultures & Youth series: this was the finest ethnological series of educational films ever made. Breathtakingly filmed and produced by Paul Saltzman, each is the true story of one aspect of traditional art passed from generation to generation. Many of the principals in these films are famous national artists.
· Gopal’s Golden Pendant (India) 1200 c $35
Yugoslavia (a young girl visits Sarajevo: see it as it was in ‘86!) 600 c $30

Native American
Boy of the Navajos 400 c $15
Forgotten American (plight of Navajo in 4 corners area; CBS News) 1200 c $30
Kainai (NFBC; Blood Indians start a factory) 1200 c $15
Two Knots on a Counting Rope (Navajo grandfather teaches boy to count) 400 n/t $5

History, Biography
Atlin (historical perspective on a small Canadian town) 800 c $15
Bill of Rights in Action series (Bernard Wilets’ thought-provoking series)
- Equal Opportunity (two men of equal abilities in conflict over one job) 800 turning $15
Canada’s Provinces & People series, Coronet 1973. Geography, history & culture. Each is 500 c $10
· Prairie Provinces
Debt to the Past: Government & Law (Moody Institute tells of our gov’t derived from “God’s law) 800 red n/t $10
Discovery of America: Westward Movement (chronology by Handel Films) 800 turning $10
English History: Norman Conquest to 15th century  400 c n/t $10
History Makers series (from NFBC; well-acted and directed dramas detailing significant aspects of Canadian history). Each is 1200 b $5
· Joseph Howe: Tribune of Nova Scotia (1834, freedom of the press court case)
· Lord Dunham (his advocacy of self government destroyed his career)
· Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine (French-Canadian patriot)
Land of Immigrants (Diversity of U.S., Third Stream jazz score by Fred Katz & Buddy Collette) 800 turning $15
Life in a Medieval Town (Recreation of village life) 800 red n/t $5
Vikings: Life & Conquests (well-photographed recreation of boats & lifestyle; filmed in Scandinavia using the recreated Viking ship Gokstad  EB) 800 some lines red n/t $10

Literature & Drama

English Literature: Chaucer & the Medieval Period (Re-enactments of a Robin Hood ballad, piers plowman, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Morte D'Arthur and part of the Canterbury Tales.) 800 b&w $10
John Barnes, Director/Producer, Encyclopaedia Britannica Humanities Series (these spectacular films were directed by the incomparable John Barnes, and several are narrated by Clifton Fadiman. They stand as the highest example of the art of the
education film)
· Theatre: One of the Humanities (w/Clifton Fadiman) 1200 c $20
· Themes of Macbeth 1200 c $35
Luke was There (dir. Richard Marquand; Scott Baio stars; alienated city boy, from LCA’s “Learning to be Human” series) 1200 turning, n/t $10
Sir! Sir! (NFBC; dir. Michael “Waiting for Fidel” Rubbo. Drama students take over a class in which the “students” are their teachers). 800 b $25

Arts Crafts, Dance, and Music Films
Acting Class (shows rigors of getting it right at National Theatre School, Toronto) 1200 c $15
Art Heritage (a tour through the Metropolitan Museum of Art) 1200 red $5
Art of Body Movement (a program by Tucson dance doyenne Barbara Mettler; rare) 2400 b $50
Arthur Erickson (NFBC; internationally acclaimed architect shows his buildings, models, etc) 1200 c $35
Hoppy: Portrait of Elisabeth Hopkins (NFBC; profile of 88 year old naive artist from British Columbia) 12 00c $20
John Nesbitt: Sculptor (large metal sculptures, studio of artist, etc) 1200 c $25
Music Experiences: Grand Canyon Suite (excerpts from the piece, including animation, and sequences showing Grofé notating the music) 800 red $15
News Communication (George Will, Edwin Newman, and Bill Moyers discuss differing approaches to story) 800 c $20
Quebecois Rediscovered (NFBC; painter Joseph Légaré, landscape & historical painter of the early 19th century) 2400 turning $15
Sixty Second Spot (Jack de Sort & crew film a 7-Up ad in the desert) 1000 c $50
Trolls of Norway (Troll introduced and handmade by Arthur (Grandpa) Stavig; sets & music by Richard Hawk) 600 turning $20

Miscellaneous Shorts, non-animated
Evan’s Corner (black boy’s rejection of selfishness in a working-class, inner city neighborhood) 800 c $15
Freedom of Speech (from Bernard Wilets' Bill of Rights in Action series; reenactment of Nazis speaking in front of synagogue) 800 c $20
Gopher Broke (NFBC; silly drama takes place in 1935 Saskatchewan)1200 c $10
La Garonne (French language about the river) 300 c $10
Love Affair with Politics (NFBC; bio of Marion Dewar, mayor of Montréal) 1200 c $10

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