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Welcome to Academic Film Archive of North America.  At this site, you'll find loads of information about academic film, the people who made it, and how it's being preserved and documented by us.  It's easy to navigate through it, once you know where you're going.  Here's a map that will guide you to each page, and its derived links...


About Us
-  Facts and Future Plans
-  Who We Are (meet our Board)
   -  AFA Advisory Board
   -  AFA Manifesto (our raison d'être)
   -  Our corporate bylaws
   -  Confirmation of our non-profit status

Ongoing and Special Projects (preservation and media projects we've initiated)
   - Reshelving & Retrieval Project
   - Encyclopaedia Britannica's foreign-language instruction films of the early 1960s
   -Lost & Found FilmKids (discover what child and young adult actors who appeared in academic films are
    doing now)
   - Geoff Alexander Projects (past art projects underwritten by AFA's director)
       - KTAO Radio History
             - KTAO Roster
             - Bill Ryan
             - KTAO 40th Reunion
             - Lorenzo Milam Books
       - Musical Compositions
             - New Directions for Farfisa Organ (Geoff's compositions on CD)
             - Terre Inconnue (describes the challenges of playing the Farfisa VIP-500 organ, and         
               highlights the 19 minute composition "Terre Inconnue")
       - Black Preaching Styles: an Introduction
       - Flamenco Music: an Introduction
       - Jazz Organ History
       - Roots of Madness, early 1970's avant-garde music
            - 'Girl in the Chair' LP liner notes
       - Idylwild Center for Communicative Disorders (ICCD) 2008 Reunion
   - Morlam Music (defining a Thai musical form on  VCDs)
       - Morlam Show Notes (notes to our Morlam VCD shows)
       - Jintara Poonlarb (bio & information on Morlam's great singer)
       - Morlam Buyer's List (a guide to buying Morlam video CDs)
       - Tawan Daeng (a visit to a Morlam club in Bangkok, with directions)
    - Photo Gallery (action at ciné16 AFA events)

   -AFA in the Press
(our press clippings)
   - Films You Saw In School

View Our Films (click on any of our films to view them on the Internet Archive)

Save a Film by nominating a film, then donating for its upload for free viewing on the Internet Archive
- Eligible films for uploading

- Saved Films (uploaded & ready to view)

Research Resources (16mm Academic film research materials in print, CD, and online)

Conference Presentations
- Rolling your own free online public access program with no money, technology expertise, or grief

Archival Survival: Keeping Your Film Archive Healthy in an Increasingly Demanding Academic Environment
- Academic Film Defined: Rethinking ‘Educational’ Films

Filmmakers (the portal to the historically important people who made the films)
Missing Filmmakers (filmmakers whose whereabouts we're trying to find)
Johanna Alemann
Yvonne Andersen
Dennis Azzarella
John Barnes
      - John Barnes' filmography
      - John Barnes' 'Macbeth' films controversy
Norman Bean
Charles Benton
Walt & Myrna Berlet
Peter Boulton
- Judith Bronowski
- Julien & Sam Bryan
Paul Burnford
   - Paul Burnford Filmography and Writings
Peter Chermayeff
Bruce & Katharine Cornwell
Stanley Croner
Carson 'Kit' Davidson
- Gene Deitch
     - Gene Deitch-designed ciné16 t-shirts available for purchase
- Bill Deneen
     - Elmore Leonard remembers Bill Deneen
     - LCA internet films
- Kent Durden
- Herman J. Engel
- Warren Everote
- Chuck Finance
- Grace Garland Janisz
- Ray Garner
- Gary Goldsmith
- Frederic Goodich
- Wilf Gray
- J Michael Hagopian
- Willard Hahn
- Leo A. Handel
- Milan Herzog
     - Milan Herzog Filmography
     - Milan Herzog Interview
     - Shanta Gidwani Herzog
     - Tom Smith on Milan Herzog
- Paul L. Hoefler
     - Hoefler Filmography
     - Hoefler Oral History: Early Years
- Bruce Hoffman
- George Holland
- George Kaczender
- Steven Katten
- David Kennard
- Ernest Kleinberg
- Don Klugman
- Ricky Leacock
    - Ricky Leacock's essays
- Isidore Mankofsky
    - Tom Smith remembers Isidore Mankofsky
- Karl Maslowski
- Gerald McDermott
- Jay McMullen
- George McQuilkin
- Norman N. Miller
- Sid Milstein
- Wayne Mitchell
- Richard O. Moore
- Olin Petingill
- Stuart Roe
- Alan Root
- Ken Rudolph
- Irving Rusinow
- Bruce Russell
- Paul Saltzman
    - Paul Saltzman filmography
- Bert Salzman
- Morton Schindel & Weston Woods
- Georg Schimanski
- Hermann Schlenker
- Ed Schuman
- Charles & Elizabeth Schwartz
- Willis Simms
- Lane Slate
- Thomas G. Smith
- Philip Stapp
    - Philip Stapp's fimography
- George Stoney
- Gerald Thompson
- Bert Van Bork
- Pieter Van Deusen
- John Walker
- Mel Waskin
- Gordon Weisenborn
- Clifford B. West
     - Clifford West Project (preserving important art films owned by the filmmaker)  
- Sy Wexler
- Bernard Wilets
    - Bernard Wilets interview
- Jon Wilkman
- Donald Winkler
- Robert M. Young
- Larry Yust
- Arthur Zegart
(meet our donors)
- Donor Archive
- Reshelving & Retrieval Project

AFA FilmShows
Current Bay Area Show (this week's program)
Past Shows & Notes (all filmnotes regarding films we have shown are listed here, by year): www.chronolog.htm
   -  2007 & 2008 Bay Area shows
   -  2005 & 2007Bay Area shows
   -  2004 San Jose shows
   -  2003 San Jose shows
   -  2002 San Jose shows
   -  2001 San Jose shows
   -  2000 San Jose shows
   -  1999 San Jose shows
   -  1998 San Jose shows
   -  1996-1997 San Jose shows
   -  St. Louis shows in the past

Start Your Own Cinema  (film preservation basics, and a "how to" for starting your own microcinema)

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