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Picking up a library donation in the mighty AFA VW bus

   Corporate Donor List   Filmmaker Donor List    Individual Donor List   Institutional Donor list 

The Academic Film Archive of North America is a 501(c)(3) public benefit organization, incorporated in the State of California on March 5, 2001 for the purpose of acquiring, preserving, documenting and promoting academic film by providing an archive, resource, and forum for continuing scholarly advancement and public exhibition.  No one (including Director Geoff Alexander) receives a salary, we spend no money on fundraising activities, and all of your donations contribute to activities relating to our mission.  Our bylaws are available for your review.  

We invite you to make a tax-deductible financial donation or you may also donate by sponsoring a film for digitization and uploading so everyone can view it free. Either way, we will send you  a tax confirmation letter within one week of receiving your donation.

We now have archived more than 10,000 films, and due to space limitations we cannot take in more for the time being. If you'd like to donate films, we might be able to find another home for them. Please contact us.

Listed below are the people and institutions who have helped us through their generous donations this year (click here to see donors of past years). Our deepest thanks to you all.

2020 Donors:

Anne & Mark's Art Party

2019 Donors:

Anne Marie Sconberg Charitable Fund
Steven Katten
Don Klugman
Lemhi County, Idaho Historical Society (Hope Benedict)
Evan Mills

2018 donors:

Chaim Drizin
Sonya Friedman
Janet Gentile Herrero
Steven Katten
Don Klugman
Dan Reeser
Carsten Schmidt
Anne Marie Sconberg Charitable Fund

2017 donors:

Samuel Gasster
Dan & Karen Greenbank
Kevin Harrang
Steven Katten
Don Klugman
Andrew Lowd
Gay Mackintosh
William T. Plummer
Anne Marie Sconberg Charitable Fund
Bente Torjusen West

2016 donors:

Lisa Croner
Norma Jean Dupire
Karen H. Greenbank
Jerrold A. Hiura
Don Klugman
Andrew Lowd
Helen G. Mackintosh
Anne Marie Sconberg Charitable Fund
Thomas G. and Elaine C. Smith Family Trust


Corporate Donors

Adobe Systems
American Association of Advertising Agencies
Applied Materials Excellence in the Arts
(a program of Arts Council Silicon Valley, for funding our appearance at the Association for Moving Image Archivists conference in Savannah, November, 2008, and Vancouver, November 2003)
Applied Materials (Matching Grant Program)
Chieftain Royalty Company
Gartenberg Media Enterprises
GreenCine, Inc.
(Jonathan Marlow) 
Johnson & Johnson
courtesy Patrick O'Connor
Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft Giving Campaign)
THE PROCESS of Santa Fe (NM)
Veritas Software


Filmmaker Donors

The following filmmakers have generously donated all, or part of their collections to  us:

Johanna Alemann
John Barnes

Norman Bean
Dan Bessie
John Bishop (Media Generation)
Judith Bronowski
Ralph Buchsbaum (posthumous donation from daughter Vicki Pearse)
Peter Chermayeff
Jack and Fran Davidson (Davidson Films)
Bill Deneen

Ginny (Ray) Garner
Alvin Gordon (through Anne Mackenzie)
Milan and Shanta Herzog
Silas Johnson (the late Johnson's films were donated by Rod and Thia Brown)
Bob Kalsey
Isidore Mankofsky
Sid Milstein
Bert Salzman
Lois Siegel
Philip Stapp
Bert Van Bork
Clifford B. West

Institutional Donors

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences
American Film Institute
Anaheim Public Library
Anaheim Union High School District
Appalachian State University
Arts Council Silicon Valley
(for funding of the History San Jose film series)
Auburn University Physics Dept.
Austin College, Sherman, TX
Castellano Family Foundation
Central Texas Library System
Creative Capacity Fund
Dallas County Schools
East Baton Rouge Parish (LA) Public Library
Euclid Middle School,
Littleton, CO
Fresno (CA) County Library
Illinois State Museum
Milpitas (CA) Public Library
Minneapolis Public Library
Natick (MA) Public Schools
New York University Cinema Studies Department
Normandale (MN) Community College
Northern California Ecumenical Resource Center,
San Jose,CA
Northern Kentucky U (Psychology Dept.)
Palo Alto French Film Society
Ringling College of Art and Design (Sarasota, FL)
Raoul Wallenberg High School (San Francisco)
Saint Martin's College, O'Grady Library,
Lacey, WA
San Jose State University
Satilla (GA) Library
Shasta College
Smithsonian Institution
Somerset (NJ) County Library
Spokane (WA) Public Schools
Springfield (MA) Technical Community College
Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive
Suffolk (NY) Community College
Sunrise Media (NY)
UCLA Film Archive (Siskiyou County, CA. film library)
University of Northern Colorado,
Greeley, CO
University of Northern Kentucky
Watertown (NY) High School
West Valley College,
Saratoga, CA
Weston Woods Institute, Weston, CT (Morton Schindel)
Whitaker Foundation, St. Louis, MO

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