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Filming in Puerto Rico, 1963

Charles W. and Elizabeth "Libby" Schwartz made a series of 24 remarkable nature films, most of which were produced for the Missouri Department of Conservation.  From 1949 through 1978, Charlie and Libby Schwartz wandered through much of North America, Hawaii, and the Caribbean on arduous expeditions, carrying cumbersome camera, sound, and blind gear, filming birds, mammals, and reptiles.   

Charles Schwartz (b. June 2, 1914), who grew up in St. Louis, was the son of a prominent ophthalmologist, and studied biology and zoology at the University of Missouri.  There, he met Elizabeth Reeder (b. September 13, 1912), originally from Columbus, Ohio, who was an instructor on the U of Mo. faculty, and the daughter of a professor at Ohio State University.   After receiving her doctorate, she taught at Sweetbriar College in Virginia, and at Stephens College, Missouri.  She and Charles married in 1938.  

In addition to making films, Charles was a well-regarded wildlife illustrator and author, whose best known books are “Wild Mammals of Missouri” and “Wildlife Drawings.”  Charles passed away in 1991, and Libby lives in retirement in Idaho.  We encourage you to read Libby’s outstanding memoir of her life in films, discussing the life of an itinerant husband-and-wife team filming subjects in the wild, often in arduous conditions.


1949. The Prairie Chicken in Missouri 

1950. Snakes, Friends and Foes 

1950. Sunrise Serenade 

1951. Better Pond Fishing 

1953. Bobwhite through the year
"Grand Medal, Comitato Olympico Nazionale italiano, International Sports Film Festival, Cortina d'Ampezzo/ Italy. 1953.
"Best conservation motion picture of the year, 1953" National  Association of Conservation Education and Publicity
"1953 Quail Award," Missouri Quail Hunters/ Inc.
"1953 Woodsmen of the World Conservation plaque" to "outstanding leaders in the service of our nation."
"Conservation Education Award 1954," North American Wildlife Society 

1955. Cottontail
"Superior 1955 film production" American Association for Conservation Information.
1956 honorable mention." North American Wildlife Society, Conservation Education Award.
"Diploma d'honor," International Sports Film Festival/ Cortina d'Ampezzo/Italy. 1956. 

1957. A Way of Life
"Blue ribbon." American Film Festival/ 1959. 

1959. The Story of the Mourning Dove
"Outstanding movie production/ 1959," American Association for Conservation Information. 

1961. Community Lake 

1962. University of Missouri 

1963. This is the Mallard
"Second Place/1963." American Association for Conservation Information. 

1963. The Rhesus Monkeys of Santiago Island 

1964. The Family Life of Birds 

1964. A Place to Live
1964 First Place, American Association for Conservation Information. 

1966. Headwaters
First Place for motion picture excellence/ International Award, 1966.  American Association for Conservation Information
"Four star award (first place) 1967" "Best Outdoor Film/" Outdoor Writers of America.

 1968. Downstream
"Three star award (second place) 1970." Conservation Film Award, Outdoor Writers of America.
"Second Place," American Association for Conservation Information. 

1968. A Prairie Should be Forever 

1969. The Return of the Wild Turkey
Second place, 1970. American Association for Conservation Information.
"Three-star award (second place) 1971." Outdoor Writers of America. 

1971. The Show-me Hunter
"Three-star award (second place) 1972." Outdoor Writers of America. 

1972. Design for Conservation 

1973. Wild Chorus
"Four star award" (first place, Conservation Film Program, 1974, Outdoor Writers of America.
"Conservation Education Award, 1974," North American Wildlife Society 

1976. More Than Trees
Four star award (first place, 1977), Outdoor Writers of America
Second Place Award, Society of American Foresters. 

1977. Ozark Rainbows 

1978. Our Wild Inheritance

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