Pieter Van Deusen
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PVanDeus1.jpg (45912 bytes)
Van Deusen and Leah Miller, Pieter's collaborator for 
thirty years, shooting a scene from 'Netherby Naps'

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Pieter Van Deusenís work in educational films is most commonly found in titles distributed by Los Angeles-based Churchill Films. He contacted the AFA  through our website, and has provided the following information on his career:

1955 - 1959
Student (Phi Beta Kappa) at UC Berkley (philosophy) & USC (cinema) in Los Angeles, where Van Deusen lectured briefly on the use of sound in film.
Student films: 'Is is' - a dance film with Jim Huntley. 'One Toothbrush' & 'New York is a Summer Festival' (made with Arthur King and Nelson Van Judah)

1958 - 1961
Composer: Dance and film music 'Flight' and 'Duo' for modern dancer Ann Halprin. Performances at San Francisco, S.F.Vortex concerts, S.F. Museum of Modern Art, Brussels Worlds Fair (at experimental music pavilion). Editor for local TV in Hollywood.

1961 - 1964
Director of 'Facts about Backs' for AT&T.' For the U.S. Air Force: music editor for 'Dynasaur,' writer/director for 'SCATA,' 'Lifeline' and, a series of nuclear safety films. For the Navy, writer for Con Pederson's animated film on logistics. For the 1963 New York World's Fair: Music editor and editor of John Houseman's and Ben Jackson's 'Voyage to America' (the film intro to the American pavilion with original music by Virgil Thompson); editor and special effects music composer of Jeremy Lepard's and Con Pederson's 70mm dome film 'To The Moon and Beyond.'

1965 - 1966
Producer/ Director/editor: For NET (National Educational Television) series of films on 'The History of the Movies - Animation and Live Action' (taken over from Tim Whelan); editor or crew on film biography series 'One of a Kind' produced by Mike Vidor (i.e., film portraits of Gregor Piatigorsky (dir. Tim Whelan), Upton Sinclair (dir: Ben Jackson), George Cukor & Alfred Hitchcock (dir. Mike Vidor). Co-Editor of a Bob Able drag race documentary as well as 'Venus Torpedo' a dramatic short by Ben Jackson; and a Spartacus teaser for TV. Music and effects editor of 'Time Lines,' & 'Rain Shower'"re-editor" of re-make of 'City at Night'... all for Dimension Films. Plus one or two other brief directing & editing jobs.

1967 - 1985 for CHURCHILL FILMS (part I):

- Drugs and the Nervous System, composer
- In a Medical Laboratory (dramatized lab film), Writer/director 

'Bill of Rights' series, Writer director (series was an ACLU Award winner):

- Interrogation and Counsel 
- Search and Privacy 
- Speech and Protest

'Music' series (with: Bob Kaufman, camera):

- New Sounds in Music with Michael Tilson Thomas (Camera: Bob Kaufman and Les Blank)
- Percussion Sounds (with Christopher Tree)  An explanation of percussion groups, featuring Balinese gamelan, and a small percussion group featuring Emil Richards, playing on instruments made by Harry Partch.
- String Sounds
- Wind Sounds (Venice Festival award) 

A Kite Story - a Fantasy (New York Festival blue ribbon winner) 

1970 - 1985 CHURCHILL FILMS (part 2)

Van Deusen moved to San Anselmo in Northern California but continued to make films for Churchill. He produced and wrote and shot, with partner Leah Miller, the following short fictional films for schools. Some were film adaptations of original or well known children's stories and other legends, as follows:

- Cloudmaker - animation (Cine award winner - exhibited at Annecy)
- Folktale from Two Lands - animation...Japanese and European versions of the same folktale
- Friends - live action mini-drama about three girl friends
- Hundred Penny Box - from the Caldicott book award winner
- Roundabout - fantasy shot in Yorkshire, England
- The Voyage of Odysseus an animated adaptation of Homer's Odyssey - with models and puppets by John Matthews paintings by Van Deusen and Greek style pottery by Bob Churchill himself. (Best Cinematography, Calcutta festival)
- Wee Gillis - Co-produced, shot, edited this adaptation of Munro Leaf's classic tale (directed by George McQuilkin)

During this period two major feature proposals of Van Deusen's failed for lack of financing, one was co-written by George McQuilkin, soon to be president of Churchill Films.

1986 - 1998
Producer/writer/director/cameraman/editor: Netherby Naps- Van Deusen's first feature film... live action and independently produced (not yet released), stars co-writer/actor, Neil de Lacy and had much help and encouragement from Leah Miller and Tom G. Smith. Sketches for an early version of Walt Disney's 'Dinosaurs.'

1999 to 2012 (and into the Future)
Continuing work on eight unfinished illustrated novels, two illustrated childrenís stories, one book of 'Misrepresentational Art' and one of photographs, an illuminated manuscript (The Legend of Old Lord Netherby), a long overdue DVD and streamed release of Netherby Naps, and a stage musical of The Clock-eater, combining  puppets and actors.

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