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Geoff Alexander has initiated several art projects in the past that may interest the reader.  This page is a portal to them, as follows:

1) Geoff is compiling a history and on-air roster of Los Gatos radio station KTAO-FM, where he was a broadcaster. The station, which existed from 1968 through 1974, was owned by Lorenzo Milam. He is compiling data and ephemera, which may soon be part of an exhibition of Silicon Valley radio at History San Jose.

2) Geoff spent several years as a musician, attended Berklee College of Music, and published two cassette recordings of his compositions.  Although his background included jazz and Latin musical forms, his electronic compositions attracted the most attention from critics.  Geoff's compositions and performances were written up in Keyboard magazine's January, 1987 'Experimental Music' issue.  Geoff's new CD,  'New Visions for Farfisa Organ' , was released in 2004.

3) In 1988, Geoff wrote the first documented history of the jazz organ.  This history was edited and appeared in Keyboard magazine's May 1989 issue. 

4)  Geoff has written several papers on artistic aspects of other cultures.  In the late 1980s, he wrote papers on the topics of Flamenco music from Spain, and Black Preaching Styles in the United States.   

5)  Flamenco music from Spain has been described as a "great and terrible" genre.  Its lyrics are generally sung in "caló," a patois that is not greatly understood in much of Spain.  This article contains translations of some of the best, and serves as a guide to music buyers wishing to avoid "tourist flamenco."

6)  Geoff, along with Don Campau, founded the early-1970s avant-garde group The Roots of Madness.  Their last recording was in 1973, but there has been a resurgence of interest, and a reissue has just been released.

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