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Critic Richard Von Busack receives a treasured memento from 
Miss ciné16 and your genial host in our "bad film giveaway night"

From the archives: big smiles because they just finished watching 
an academic film... shown by the guy in the lower-left

        AFA VP Barinda Samra with Weston Woods'          Kirsten & Rob McGlynn (a special thanks 
                         Morton Schindel                                to Rob, who took many of the photos on 
                                                                                this page)

Documentary filmmaker                                            Joe Castro & Sharon                              
  Ricky Leacock at ciné16                                                                                                          
March 1, 2001                                                                                                       


    Bill Granch, our favorite barman                     Todd Darrow and Jerome Mallory

                   Bruce Wakayama                                                   Scott Edmonson

             July 15, 1998: Filmmaker John Barnes   Our 5th Anniversary Party:  Miss ciné16
                    visits ciné16                          gives away valuable prizes 

                    Rick McGowan                                     ciné16 party in Bangkok, July 29, 2004


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