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AFA Director Geoff Alexander and Ladha "Lee " Nakhampa of "Lee's Parasol"

Note: We''re looking for child actor Scott Hart, who appeared in San Jose director Jerry A. Callner's film The Antique Collector (1980). If you know of his whereabouts, please contact us.

What ever happened to the child actors who appeared in academic films of the past?   Many of them have contacted us (or we, them), telling us what they're up to now.  In some cases, we've helped them to acquire the films in which they appeared (in most cases, they never received copies).  On this page, you'll meet some of these "lost" kids who we've found, listed under the names of the films in which they appeared.

Phyllis Valencia,  2003

'Felipa: North of the Border' (1971) dir. Bert Salzman.  Phyllis Ann Valencia played the role of the girl who assisted her uncle in getting a driver's license.  Today, she's a mom in Tucson, who was thrilled to the show film to her 10 year old daughter.

'Lee's Parasol' (1979) dir. Paul Saltzman.  We visited Lee Nakhampa in 2002 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where she's raised a family and continues to paint colorful designs on parasols, as she did when she was 15 years old and made the film (see photo on top of page).

Todd Rice in 'Two Families' , and in 2004

'Two Families: African and American' (1973) dir. Helen Jean Secondari & Henry Toluzzi.  This film, which contrasted the lives of two boys in different continents, featured the precocious aspiring concert pianist Todd Rice of The Bronx.   Todd eventually went to Juilliard, and today scores films.

Tony Marienthal in 'Unicycle,' and in  2007

'Unicycle: Looking at My World' (1976) dir. Dan Bessie.  Tony Marienthal, the boy on the Unicycle, carved out a successful high tech career in the SF Bay Area, and died unexpectedly at the age of 51. We had many wonderful conversations, and we'll miss him.

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