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View the following films that are discussed in Geoff Alexander's 2014 book Films You Saw in School: 1,153 Classroom Educational Films, 1958–1985. Nearly 200 of the films mentioned in the book are available for free online viewing. We will add to the list on this page as more of them become available. Keep watching!

  1. Social Science and Geography Films
  2. History Films
  3. Science and Math Films
  4. Arts and Crafts Films
  5. Literature and Language Arts Films
  6. Sociodrama Films
  7. Foreign Language Instruction Films

I.  Social Science and Geography Films

African Pygmy Thrills (1930? 10m, prod. Eugene Castle)  

Agony of Jimmy Quinlan, The (1978, 27m, prod.  Janice Brown, Robert Duncan, and Andy Thomson

Agricultural Midwest (1976), 19m, dir. Jon Wilkman)

American Indian Speaks, The (1973, 21m, dir. Tom Smith)

Arab Identity, The: Who Are the Arabs? (1975, 27m, dir. Anthony Thomas)

At the Autumn River Camp (1967, 59m, dir. Quentin Brown)

At the Winter Sea Ice Camp (1967, 137m, dir. Quentin Brown)

Baja California: the Pacific Coast of Mexico (1949, 11m, prod. Silas Johnson)

Bate’s Car: Sweet as a Nut (1974, 16m, dir. Tony Ianzelo)

Bill Cosby on Prejudice (1972, 24m, dir. Bill Cosby, Tom Mossman)

Birch Canoe Builder (1970, 22m, dir. Craig Hinde)

Canaries to Clydesdales (1977, 28m, dir. Eugene Boyko)

Cider Maker (1975, 17m, dir. Philip & Gay Courter)

Cree Hunters of the Mistassini (1974, 58m, dir. Boyce Richardson)

Crisis in Levittown (1957, 31m, dir. Lee Bobker/Lester Becker)

Dances of the Kwakiutl (1951, 10m, dir. William Heick)     

Death Valley (1950, 10m, prod. Paul Hoefler)

Desert Nomads (1949, 21m, dir. John Ferno, cinematography by Richard Leacock)

El Cumpleaños de Pepita (1957, 16m, uncredited director)

Eskimo Family (1959, 17m, dir. William F. Deneen)

Farm Family in Summer (1968, 15m, dir. Tom Smith)

Farmer-Fishermen (1948 15m, dir. Ronald Craigen)

Fisher Folk of Lake Pátzcuaro (13m, prod. Ralph Adams)

Fishing at the Stone Weir (1967, 60m, dir. Quentin Brown)

Foster Child (1987, 43m, dir. Gil Cardinal)

Gentle Winds of Change: Uganda (1961, 32m, dir. Marshall Segall)

Geronimo Jones (1970, 21m, dir. Bert Salzman)

Grist Miller (1975, 14m, dir. Philip & Gay Courter)

Guadalajara Family (1958, 16m, dir. Willard C. Hahn)

Grain Elevator (1981, 16m, dir. Charles Konowal)

Happy City, The (1959, 35m. dir. Bill Deneen)

Hutterites, The (1964, 28m, dir. Colin Low)

I am Joaquin (1969, 20m, prod. Luis Valdez)

Indonesia: New Nation of Asia (1959, 16m, dir. Bill Deneen)

Iran (1971, 18m. dir. Claude Lelouch)

Japan: Miracle in Asia (1963, 30m. dir. Bill Deneen)

Japanese Boy: The Story of Taro (1963, 20m. dir. Bill Deneen)

Korea (1975, 25m)    

Land of the Long Day (1952, 38m, dir. Douglas Wilkinson)

Magicians of India (1947, 9m)

Maguey: Plant of a Thousand Uses (1952, 11m, prod. Ralph Adams)

Manufacturing Midwest (1976, 10m, dir. Jon Wilkman)

Matthew Aliuk: Eskimo in Two Worlds (1973, 18m. dir. Bert Salzman)

Maya Are People (1951, 22m, dir. Les Mitchel) 

Mexican Village Life (1958, 18m. dir. Willard C. Hahn)

Middle Atlantic Region (1976, 14m, dir. Jon Wilkman)

Nahanni (1962, 19m, dir. Donald Wilder)

Nanook of the North (1922, 78m, dir. Robert Flaherty)

New England Region (1976, 16m, dir. Jon Wilkman)

New Guinea Patrol (1958, 43m, dir. Jim Dimond)

Pacific Northwest (1976, 18m, dir. Jon Wilkman)

Paraguay: A New Frontier (1958, 14m, Willard C. Hahn, cinematographer)

Puerto Rico: Its Past, Present and Promise (1965, 20m, dir William F. Deneen)

Railway with a Heart of Gold (1965, 15m, dir. Carson Davidson) 

Rough Road to Panama (1947, 35m, prod. Sullivan C. Richardson)

Saturday (1979, 21m, dir. Dean Semler)

Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden, Denmark (1964, 22m, prod. William Deneen)

South Central Region (1976, 16m, dir. Jon Wilkman)

Southwest (1976, 18m, dir. Jon Wilkman)

Spanish Children (1964, 15m, dir. William Deneen)

Sri Lanka: Jewel of the Orient (1973, 24m, uncredited director)

Station 10 (1973, 58m, dir. Michael Scott)

Ted Baryluk's Grocery (1982, 10m, dir. Michael Mirus, & John Paskievich)                                   

Things I Cannot Change, The (1967, 55m, dir. Tanya Ballantine)

Three Miles High (1980, 55m, prod. Tony Morrison)

Todd: Growing Up in Appalachia (1970, 13m, dir. Herman J. Engel)

Touch of His Hand, The (1956, 45m, dir. William Deneen)

Tuktu and his Eskimo Dogs (1966, 14m, dir. Laurence Hyde)

Whistling Smith (1975, 27m, dir. Marrin Canell & Michael Scott)

Wild Men of the Kalahari (1930, 30m. camera by Paul Hoefler)

Wildcat (1959, 30m, dir. Dick McCutchen)


II. History Films

Ain't Scared of Your Jails, 1960-1961 (1986, 55m, prod. Orlando Bagwell)

Ancient World: Egypt (1951, 66m., prod. Ray Garner)

Ancient World: Greece (1960, 66m, prod. Ray Garner)

Bethune (1964, 59m, dir. Donald Brittain)

Centinelas del Silencio (1971, 18m, dir. Robert Amran)

City of Gold (1957, 23m, dir. Colin Low/Wolf Koenig)

Democracy on Trial: the Morgentaler Affair
(1984, 59m, dir. Paul Cowan)

Domesticating a Wilderness (1972, 49m, dir. Tim Slessor)

Equality Under the Law: the Lost Generation of Prince Edward County (1965, 25m, dir. John Barnes)

Face of Lincoln, The (1954, 22m, dir. Edward Freed)

For Future Generations (1985), 54m, dir. Boyce Richardson)

Frontier Boy of the Early Midwest (1961, 15m, dir. William Deneen)

Geronimo Jones (1970, 21m, dir. Bert Salzman)

Making of the President, The, 1960 (1963, 82m, dir. Mel Stuart)

Middle Ages: A Wanderer’s Guide To Life and Letters (1970, 27m, dir. Piers Jessop)

Oratorio for Prague (1969, 30m, dir. Jan Nemec)

People Along the Mississippi (1952, 20m, dir. Gordon Weisenborn)

Picture in Your Mind (1948, 16m. dir. Philip Stapp)

Popul-Vuh (1986, 30m, dir. Patricia Amlin)

Siege (1940, 10m, dir. Julien Bryan)

Stonecutter, The (1960, 6m. dir. Gerald McDermott)

Sun Flight (1966, 7m. dir. Gerald McDermott)

Tahtonka: Plains Indians Buffalo Culture (1966, 28, dir. Charles W. Nauman)

Why Vietnam? (1965, 31m, prod. U.S. Armed Forces Information & Education Service)

III. Science and Math films

Beach: A River of Sand (1968, 20m, dir. Warren Brown)

Bate’s Car: Sweet as a Nut (1974, 16m, dir. Tony Ianzelo)

Birds of the Inland Waterways (1949, 11m, dir. Olin Pettingill)

Congruent Triangles (1977, 7m. dir. Bruce & Katharine Cornwell)

Controversy Over the Moon (1971, 16m, dir. Charles L. Finance)

Cosmic Zoom (1968, 8m, dir. Eva Szasz)

Coulomb's Law (1959, 30m, dir. Richard Leacock)

Dinosaurs: The Terrible Lizards (1971, 10m, prod. Wah Chang)

Donald in Mathmagic Land (1959, 28m, dir. Hamilton Luske)

Electric Eel, The (1954, 10m, prod. Moody Institute of Science)

Face of the High Arctic (1958, 13m, dir. Dalton Muir)

Fire Under the Sea: Origin of Pillow Lava (1971, 14m, dir. Lee Tepley)


Food from the Sun (1967, 9m, dir. Tom Smith)

Frames of Reference (1960, 26m. dir. Richard Leacock)

Gateways to the Mind (1958, 58m. dir. Owen Crump)

Good Eleven, The (1974, 4m, prod. Tom Yohe, music by Bob Dorough) 

Hemo the Magnificent (1957, 90m, dir. Frank Capra) Part 1:

Part 2:

I Got Six (1974, 3m, dir. Tom Yohe)

Imaging the Hidden World: The Light Microscope (1984, 20m. dir. Bruce Russell)

Introduction to Holography (1972, 20m, dir. Tom Smith)

Journey to the Center of a Triangle (1977, 9m. dir. Bruce & Katharine Cornwell)

Killer Gorilla (1952, 9m, uncredited director)

Magnet Laboratory, A (1959, 21m. dir. Richard Leacock)

Naughty Number Nine (1974, 3m, dir. Tom Yohe)   

Our Mr. Sun (1956, 60m, dir. Frank Capra)            

Powers of Ten - A Rough Sketch (1968, 8m, dir. Judith Bronowski)

Powers of Ten (1977 revision, 9m. prod. Charles & Ray Eames)

Protein Synthesis: an Epic on the Cellular Level (1971, 12 m., dir. Robert Alan Weiss, prod. Kent Wilson)

Solar System, The,  2nd Ed. (1977, 20m, dir. Tom Smith)

Symmetry (1960, 10m, dir. Philip Stapp)

Thread of Life, The (1960, 54m, dir. Owen Crump)

Unique Contribution (1959, 30m.)

Universe (1960, 29m, dir. Roman Kroitor and Colin Low)

Venereal Disease: the Hidden Epidemic (1972, 24m, dir. Tom Smith)

Worlds of Dr. Vishniac, The (1959, 20m, dir. Arthur Zegart) (excerpt from the 20m film)

Zea (1981, 6m, dir. André and Jacques Leduc)

IV. Arts and Crafts Films

3rd AVE. EL (1955, 11m, dir. Carson Davidson)

9 Variations on a Dance Theme (1967, 13m, dir. Hilary Harris)

100 Watts 120 Volts (1977, 10m, dir. Carson Davidson)

Bill Reid (1979, 28m, dir. Jack Long)

Bronze: River of Metal

Calder’s Circus (1963, 10m, dir. Carlos Vilardebó) 

Directing a Film: Ionesco's The New Tenant
(1975, 19m, dir. Larry Yust)

Doña Rosa: Potter of Coyotepec (1959, 10m, dir. Orville Goldner)

Dong Kingman (1954, 15m, dir. James Wong Howe)         

Editing a Film: Synge's The Well of the Saints (1975, 13m, dir. Larry Yust)

Europe in Transition: The Late Middle Ages (1963, 14m, prod Johanna Alemann)

Fabricantes Méxicanas de Ollas (1962, 9m. dir. Stuart Roe & Richard Guttman)

Flamenco at 5:15 (1983, 29m, dir. Cynthia Scott)

Foolish Frog, The (1971, 13m, dir. Gene Deitch)

Gallery (1971, 7m, dir. Ken Rudolph)

Glass (1958, 10m, dir. Bert Haanstra)

Hands of Maria, The (1968, 15m, prod. J. Donald McIntyre)

Harry Bertoia’s Sculpture (1965, 23m, dir. Clifford West)

José Iturbi, Part I
(1946, 10m, dir. Reginal LeBorg

Le Grand Cirque Calder 1927 (1955, 19m, dir. Jean Painlevé)

Loon’s Necklace, The (1949, 10m, dir. F.R. Crawley)

Magic World of Karel Zeman, The (1962, 15m, dir. Zdenek Roskopol)

Mexican Ceramics (1968, 17m, prod. Reino Randall and Richard Townsend

Music from Oil Drums (1956, 20m, dir. Toshi & Pete Seeger)

Nature as Impression
(1969, 11m, prod. Johanna Alemann)

Orozco Mural, The: Quetzalcoatl (1962, 15m, dir. Robert Canton)

Pas De Deux (1968, 13m, dir. Norman McLaren)  

Paul-Émile Borduas: 1905-1960 (1963, 21m, dir. Jacques Godbout, French version)

Posada (1964, 14m, dir. José Pavón)

Reality of Karel Appel, The (1964, 15m, dir. Jan Vrijman)

Sorcerer's Apprentice, The  (1952, 15m, dir. Edward English)

Street Musique (1972, 9m, dir. Ryan Larkin)

Toot, Whistle, Plunk, and Boom (1953, 10m, dir. Ward Kimball and C. August Nichols)

V. Literature and Language Arts Films

Alphabet Conspiracy, The (1959, 56m, dir. Robert Sinclair, prod. Owen Crump)

Arrow to the Sun (1973, 12m, dir. Gerald McDermott) 

Chickamauga (1962, 28m, dir. Robert Enrico)

Clown (1968, 15m, dir. Richard Balducci)

Discussion of Shirley Jackson's The Lottery, A (1969, 10m, dir. Larry Yust)

Gene Deitch on adapting Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are," (2012, 6m, dir. Gene Deitch)

Hangman, The (1964, 11m, dir.  Paul Julian and Les Goldman)

Lottery, The (1969, 18m, dir. Larry Yust) Part I:

Part II:

Mockingbird, The (1962, 28m, dir. Robert Enrico)

Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, An (1962, 28m, dir. Robert Enrico)

Red Balloon, The (Le Ballon Rouge) (1956, 34m, prod. Albert Lamorisse)

Rendezvous (1977, 9m, dir. Claude Lelouch) 

Shaw vs. Shakespeare I: The Character of Caesar (1970, 30m, dir. John Barnes)

Shaw vs. Shakespeare II: The Tragedy of Julius Caesar (1970, 30m, dir. John Barnes)

Shaw vs. Shakespeare III: Caesar and Cleopatra (1970, 30m, dir. John Barnes)

Speak White (1980, 6m, dir. Pierre Falardeau and Julien Poulin)

Story into Film: Clark’s ‘The Portable Phonograph’ (1977, 10m, dir. John Barnes)

Story of a Writer: Ray Bradbury (1963, 25m, dir. Terry Sanders)

Where the Wild Things Are (1973, 7m, dir. Gene Deitch)

Wholly Communion (1965, 34m, dir. Peter Whitehead)

Why Don’t You Dance? (1990, 18m, dir. Steve Condiotti)

VI. Sociodrama Films

Angel and Big Joe (1975, 27m, dir. Bert Salzman)

Boy Who Liked Deer, The (1975, 17m, dir. Barbara Loden)

Geronimo Jones (1970, 21m, dir. Bert Salzman)

If You Love This Planet (1982, 26m, dir. Terre Nash)

Johnny Lingo (1970, 24m, dir. Wetzel O. Whitaker)

Matthew Aliuk: Eskimo in Two Worlds (1973, 18m, dir. Bert Salzman)

Skipper Learns a Lesson (1952, 10m, dir. Paul Burnford)

Shopping Bag Lady (1975, 21m, dir. Bert Salzman)

Silent Snow, Secret Snow (1966, 15m, dir. Gene Kearney)

Street, The (1976, 10m, dir. Caroline Leaf)

War Between the Classes, The (1985, 34m, dir. Michael Toshiyuki Uno) Part 1:

Part 2:

You’re No Good (1965, 28m, dir. George Kaczender)


VII. Foreign Language Instruction Films

Campos Manchegos (1966, 8m, pod. Milan Herzog)

Carcassone (1961, 5m, prod. Milan Herzog)

Chaumont (1961, 8m, prod. Milan Herzog)

Fête Folklorique (1961, 5m, prod. Milan Herzog)

Kennen Sie meinen Sohn? (1966, 16m, dir. Rudiger Graf)

L’Abbaye (1961, 5m, prod. Milan Herzog)

L'entente Cordiale (1955, 8m, uncredited director)

La Ferme (1961, 5m, prod. Milan Herzog)

Le Palais de Versailles (1961, 5m, prod. Milan Herzog)

Le Pardon (1961, 5m, prod. Milan Herzog)

Les Menhirs (1961, 5m, prod. Milan Herzog)

Molinos de Viento (1966, 8m, prod. Milan Herzog)

Otra Carta (1965, 6m, dir. Irving Rusinow)

Quelle Chance (1955, 10m, uncredited director)

So ein Zufall (1965, 11m, uncredited director)


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